April 24, 2012 - Work Commences


Another month gone by and we can barely remember its passing. Perhaps that is because we'd rather forget: It was filled with drywall dust by the bucket load, painting, sanding, hammering and lots of nights up working into the wee hours of morning. 

However, all of this hard work means the new H&V shop and gallery space is finished. Phew! Most importantly, it means we can get to work! Our first project is to build a gorgeous open concept kitchen with walnut shelving and colorful base cabinetry. We will be sure to share pictures here as the project moves along. 

We were also lucky to have our new space warmed up by several events directly following its completion, including a meet and greet event for Vanessa De Vargas of Turquoise LA. She is not only a talented designer, but a very nice person. We enjoyed meeting her and all of the creative types the event brought into our shop for the evening. Special thanks to Kirsten at Simply Grove for styling the event, Kristen Montgomery, president of the Idaho Designers I for thinking of us and Abigail of The Notion Creative Labs for taking pictures. You can check them out on her blog here.

Full speed ahead!

  • Annie and Brandon

March 21, 2012 - Creativity 

204 Broad Plans

Spring has officially sprung in Boise and over at Heirloom & Vine, we are ready! There is nothing quite like the change of seasons to reignite creative energy.

Our new, more centralized location has inspired Brandon to begin writing a curriculum for weekend workshops in the wood shop. Beyond this, as promised, we will be releasing new versions of our "Able" chair/stool, "Pedals & Pages" and the "Trace Desk." Also, expect bright things in May, when our lighting line is revealed.

Beyond all of this, Boise is feeling really good right now. There is a palpable creative energy coursing through the city of trees. Lots of ambitious folks are getting it together in big ways! We can't believe our luck: We are now neighbors with Classic Design StudiosBricolageBoise Art Glass/Ming Studios and The Boise Weekly. Block party, anyone?

And, just this weekend, Boise will host the inaugural Treefort Music Festival. The creators of the fest had this to say about its roots: "Conceived as an extension of the current momentum in the Boise music scene and art scene at large, our vision is that Treefort will provide the opportunity for Boise to play host to the national and regional music scenes while showcasing a lot of our own up-and-coming talent as well." Yes!

We have also had the opportunity to have Boise's very own Erik Bailey working in the H&V shop from time to time (when he is not traveling around the world skating in competitions). 

One more item of note: A special thank you to our new landlord T.J. Wilcomb, and all of Wilcomb, LLC. They have been amazingly supportive and helpful as we have pushed through the steps of building our new digs! It is wonderful to know people like the Wilcombs exist in this world.


  • Annie and Brandon

January 2, 2012 - A New Year


It is a new year and we are very pleased to mark the one year anniversary of Heirloom & Vine! At this time last year we were setting up our shop and starting to formalize the vision we had for our business. Boy, have we learned a thing or two!
We are headed full steam into the new year with a host of ideas we desperately want to get off the drawing board, including a re-make of the Able stool, a new version of Pedals & Pages and a sweet lounge chair design.

Besides the work we are doing for our own product line, we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with the Boise Art Museum in creating a new greeting station for the museum's entry.
The piece's design was inspired by building's original facade, built at the hands of the Works Progress Administration in 1937. It will be installed this month, just as the museum celebrates its 75th Anniversary. Come be a part of the festivities at the museum on January 20th at 8 p.m. More info at:

Our heartiest thanks to friends and family for the support this year!

  • Annie and Brandon