Founded in 2010, Heirloom & Vine is the result of the collaboration team, Brandon Myers and Annie Henderson.

Each piece is handcrafted in our shop, located in the heart of Boise, Idaho. Our objective is to create useful, high-quality objects that carry timeless appeal.

Unlike furniture made in mass production environments for today's "throw away" culture, handcrafted furniture survives, can be passed down through generations of a family or a community, it is then not only an antique, but also an heirloom, the ultimate prize.



In 2009, after a decade in the snowboarding and skateboarding retail industries, Brandon realized he had sap running through his veins- an insatiable itch to make stuff out of wood, no doubt inherited from the three generations of woodworkers in his family tree. Thanks to time spent in his father's busy cabinet shop as a teenager, Brandon knew his way around a woodshop and set up his own in late 2010. Since then he has been refining his techniques and skills into a furniture style that reflects the space-conscious principles and esthetics of mid-century modern design with the authentic and substantial feel of American Craftsman furniture.


Growing up and participating in a close knit-family full of artists has pushed Annie to look at the world through an open lens and to search for unusual expressions of meaning and grace within daily life. Formative years spent living in rural Downeast Maine cemented Annie's deep-rooted desire to support and participate in self-sustaining communities. After earning a degree in Religious Studies at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, she explored both journalism and law. However, it was only after having these diverse experiences that she decided to follow her instincts, embrace her creative spirit and co-found Heirloom & Vine.