The artisans, tradespeople and businesses featured below are all a part of Heirloom & Vine's production community. From the man who mills our wood, to the screen printer and artists helping us produce one-of-a-kind handmade material for our cushions and pillows (coming soon). We hope you'll enjoy meeting them as much as we did. Be sure to check out the available links to see their other work.


Hibb Mill, Caldwell, Idaho
Hibb Millwork
Caldwell, Idaho

Walking into Hibb Millwork you can never be too sure what you'll find. Roger Hibbard, the owner, a mason by trade, began drying and milling his own wood years ago. What was once a hobby has now grown into a full-fledged business. His main specialty is finding logs to fashion into rustic slabs for fireplace mantles. His work graces many a cabin in the Sun Valley and McCall areas.

However he also mills trees from the residential and irrigated sections of Idaho's Treasure Valley. We are able to source most of our wood from him, which is amazing, as we live in a high desert environment, naturally void of hardwood trees suitable for furniture.

Roger experiments with his trees-- mills them, dries them and sometimes just waits. Waits to see if they twist or cup or it they hold still. Wood isn't done moving when it is cut down, it continues to react to its environment, loosing color, cracking, expanding. Last time we visited, he had just finished off a Catalpa tree-- good for turning and sometimes used for guitars, Catalpa is planted in Idaho landscapes and valued for its broad leaves and lovely white flowers.

The allure of the prized hardwoods has been won over the hundreds of thousands of years since man first bound stick and stone together to form a tool. Roger's shop is a space where you can see our interaction with wood and truly enjoy the journey it takes from pasture, yard or forest to the useful and beautiful object in your home.


Kyler Martz
Seattle, Washington

Sprouting from the dry midwest soil, the salty sea always captured the
imagination of Kyler Martz. His mind swimming in images from a young age, he
began to expel his thoughts on paper and his compulsion to create was
ignited. Following the ocean breeze, he moved to Seattle, Washington
in 2009 in order to further pursue his creative aspirations. Kyler's
thoughtful and introspective nature provokes and inspires his artistic
explorations. Kyler continues to work daily from Seattle, leaving a
trail of colorful illustrations in his wake.

See more of Kyler's work here: MARTZ